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Although there is only one marker on the map above the street itself, Nispetiye Caddesi in Etiler is "kebap row", with three great kebap places almost side by side. Tatlıses kebap is owned and run by famous local singer İbrahim Tatlıses, who hails from Urfa and Urfa folk certainly know their kebap! As for the other two, Set kebap and Namlı are both old, well known establishments. 

Adana Kebap

Beyti Kebap

I have not been to eat at any of them recently, however they do give prices for various types of fixed menus on the Set kebap website: A fixed menu with soft drinks will run you between 20 and 25 Euros, whereas one with an unlimited amount of local drinks (raki, local wine etc) will be between 25 and 30 Euros at Set kebap, and my guess is that the other two would be in a similar price bracket

Getting to this area is very easy from the conference center: Get on the metro going back towards the city, go for one stop, and get off at Levent. Then follow directions from the map above.

See the websites of all 3 restaurants on "kebap row":

Also in Etiler is Develi Kebap, and they even have an English website:
Although Develi is one of the best kebap restaurants in Turkey (and accordingly expensive too, I should add), unfortunately (although it is in the general area of the conference center) it is not easy to get to by any means other than a cab. Click for map here>>>.

Yoğurtlu Kebap

A very good kebap house, located by the sea with a glorious view is Hanedan Restaurant (site here >>>) in Beşiktaş, right next to the motor boat port to Üsküdar (map here >>>). Hanedan is actually a tavern, with two floors, one for fish and one for kebap, however the kebap floor gets my vote every time, especially for the meze (tapas). Eating at Hanedan is not exactly cheap, a full meal with tapas and an entree of kebap with raki to wash it all down, and dessert to follow will be from 40 Euros upwards and can go as far as 60 Euros depending on how much you eat. Which is very hard to resist in that place, I always find...

Moving away from the area close to the conference center, Hamdi Et Lokantası in Eminönü is a very well know kebap house with a roof garden, which has one of the best views in all of Istanbul given that it overlooks the inner harbor of the Golden Horn. No need for a map really, it is the building right next to the famous spice market. A meal with raki (including tapas and dessert) at Hamdi Bey will cost between 30 and 50 Euros. And if you only have soft drinks you will probably pay around 25 Euros for a big meal. The website can be viewed here:

Also mentioned on the Nişantaşı post, Tatbak, a kebap house which has been in Nişantaşı for over 50 years serves no alcohol but is still worth a meal, which will cost you around 12 to 20 Euros for appetizer/soup, kebap and dessert.

Across the sea, in  the lively neighborhood of Moda (see post and map here>>>), is Columbo, a very pleasant kebap house/tavern, where a kebap meal with soft drinks will be from 12 to 20 Euros, one with raki between 30 and 40 Euros. Since Columbo is a tavern there will be tapas which you can enjoy with the soft drinks as well. (And why "Columbo"? Remember the TV series? Used to be hugely popular around here back then. The owner was a complete buff and so Columbo, which is a hardcore Turkish kebap house, was named after the American detective.)

Food tip: Most kebap houses will serve Lahmacun (the Turkish meat pizza) which is delicious, so definitely order some. Also try İçli Köfte (a special meat ball with a bulghur covering) and even Çiğ Köfte (the Eastern Anatolian steak tartare).

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