2 winehouses: Pano Şarapevi and Viktor Levi

Pano şarapevi

Pano şarapevi which holds 300 people over 3 floors is located very near Galatasaray/Taksim and was founded in 1898 by Mr. Papadopulos who hailed from the Samatya neighborhood in Istanbul. Alongside the commercial Turkish labels (post here>>>) Pano winehouse serves a range of specially produced house wines which are notable for having various spices (especially cloves) blended into them. Also popular are their wine cocktails which are served with fresh fruit slices and lemon zest in the wine, and with dried raisins and almonds on the side.

Although Pano şarapevi is not exactly cheap, it is certainly worth a visit being one of the oldest establishments still around to this day in İstanbul. A meal for two, with tapas, a main course and a bottle of wine will cost between100 to 120 Euros and could be even more depending on the price of the wine. To give you a clearer idea on prices there is an online menu here (this in Turkish but I guess one can google translate it and convert the Turkish currency):

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Hamal Başı Cad. 12/B Galatasaray Beyoğlu / İstanbul
+90 212 292 66 64 - 293 61 64

Viktor Levi

There are actually 2 Viktor Levi winehouses in Istanbul  (one in each continent), and I am not really sure if they are even the same establishment. The top image above shows the entrance to the Viktor Levi winehouse in Kadiköy, whereas the bottom image shows the entrance of the one in Galatasaray, which is actually almost next door to Pano Şarapevi.

During the early 20th century Viktor Levi was the son of a fisherman from Gallipoli who with his father's boat would occasionally visit Bozcada, a northern Aegean island famed for its vineyards. One thing leading to another Mr. Levi found himself leaving the fishing trade and opening instead a winehouse in Istanbul in the early years of the 20th century, serving Bozcada wine to Istanbulites.

The winehouse remained in the family, run by Levi's cousin Yasef Levi after Viktor Levi's death in 1967. Upon Yasef Levi's retirement the winehouse deteriorated into a cafe until it was bought up by Feyzi Büyükerol in 1999, to be restored to it's present day state, which closely reflects the original interior design.

Viktor Levi in Moda/Kadiköy is famous for its wine garden. According to their website, Viktor Levi in Galatasaray currently seems to be closed for refurbishment, hopefully they will be back in business by the time you get here.

Just like Pano şarapevi, Viktor Levi serves a range of wines which are their own product, as well as the well known local brands and imported wines. Again a 3 course meal for 2, with a shared bottle of wine will come to around 100 Euros or more, depending upon the wine. They have jpegs of their menu online (click here>>>) and these should also give you an idea:


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