At the last count this tiny area held no less than 290 cafes, bars, taverns and restaurants. The main condensations are to be found on Cezayir Sokağı where you mostly have cafes and licensed gourmet restaurants and Nevizade, a warren of small streets behind the fish market which hold hundreds of "meyhane", Turkish taverns serving raki and meze (Turkish tapas). And then Çiçek Pasajı, an arcade of taverns, is directly on Galatasaray square. These main areas aside, standalone places are sprinkled throughout the entire area surrounding Galatasaray as well. Basically, any place that looks nice - just go for it, would be my overall advice. I am seldom disappointed, wherever I go.

Cezayir Sokağı


Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Arcade in Turkish), which you can enter from İstiklal Caddesi, on Galatasaray square is an arcade full of taverns.

The price range for cafes will usually be between 10 and 20 Euros for a meal with soft drinks, wine and beer you have to add to this. Taverns, where you drink raki and eat tapas, will be more expensive (30 to 50 Euros) since all those innocent little tapas do tend to add up in the end and without them the experience is somewhat incomplete.

You can get to here by walking along Istiklal Avenue (the busy pedestrian street with the tram) from Taksim. Galatasaray is located at about the mid-point of this street.

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Also be aware that being a regular shopping area, Istiklal Avenue itself does not have much to offer in the way of good food and drinking places, the action all takes place in the back streets. So, dive in and out and you are bound to find much that even an old time Istanbulite like myself may not already know about.

I have written separate posts on a few places which I want to recommend especially. They can be found here>>>, and here>>>.

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