çiya sofrası

Çiya Sofrası, which is one of the best food places in Kadiköy market serves mostly Gaziantep food as well as dishes compiled from various other parts of eastern Anatolia.

So, what you will eat at Çiya is not Istanbul haute cuisine, but instead the spicy, robust (and absolutely delicious) flavors that have been imported from various towns and even sometimes villages of the eastern part of the country to the western shore, to cities like Istanbul and İzmir.

Çiya has three restaurants, a small one on the land side of the street, which serves home cooking, has an amazing salad bar and a candied fruit based dessert counter. In this small restaurant wine and beer are also served. Across the street are the two bigger Çiya restaurants, which are non-alcoholic and specialize in a huge variety of kebaps. A meal at Çiya (salad, main meat/kebap dish and dessert) will cost between 15 and 25 Euros, wine and beer should be added as extras to this.

View the map below to find out about Çiya's location in the market:

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You can also view the English pages of the restaurant's website here:

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