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Nişantaşı is both residential, and an area in which small businesses, especially folk such as designers and architects, small scale advertising agencies and the like find a home. Also some of Istanbul's best doctors have their consulting rooms around here. And then, some very nice shops as well.

The place is very busy during the day, especially during the week, but tends to thin out to a nicely manageable liveliness in the evenings after the stores and businesses close down. And as such Nişantaşı, although admittedly on the expensive side, may be a very good option for dinner - especially if you would like something a bit more relaxed.

Back house cafe

Kırıntı can be found at several places around town. It is a truly diverse fast food place with a staggeringly long list of sandwiches which they make upon order. The one in Nişantaşı seems to have re-invented itself as an upmarket cafe. In other places they are far more modest. Check out their website here:

Zamane Kahvesi, is on ValiKonağı Caddesi, serves no alcohol but absolutely delicious food which is a sort of an interpretation of Turkish snack foods such as simit, gözleme etc - however as a full platter. Also a great selection of coffees, both local and espresso based, home made lemonades and teas and great desserts. All this for a very reasonable price range between 10 to 20 Euros. One word of caution, the chef tends to overdo the lemon in the salads. Simply say: "limon ve zeytinyağı masaya lütfen, önceden içine istemiyorum". ;-)

Very nice cafes, bars and restaurants - but needless to say, quite expensive! However, if you want to see one of the "posh" neighborhoods of Istanbul, Nişantaşı will certainly fit the bill - which will start from around 8 to 12 Euros for coffee and dessert and go up from there depending upon what you eat and whether you drink alcohol or not.

A good place with quite a few cafes is Resürans Çarşısı, which is usually filled to overflowing during weekday lunch hours but becomes quite pleasant in the evenings. The cafes here (as elsewhere in Nişantaşı) are on the expensive side, 20 to 30 Euros and quite a bit more if you also drink wine or have a cocktail. As for raki - not exactly a raki tavern neighborhood this...

Tatbak, a kebap house which has been in Nişantaşı for over 50 years, is one of the better known kebap places in Istanbul. Serves no alcohol but still worth it. Whatever else you eat, get some Lahmacun here, the Turkish meat pizza, which they do to perfection! And although Nişantaşı is expensive, Tatbak is not: A 3 course meal there will cost between 12 and 20 Euros.

And finally, if you are hankeirng for far eastern cuisine sushi-co (image here>>>) on Teşvikiye Caddesi should do very nicely. Oh and... There is also a Saray (which is posted separately here>>>) in Nişantaşı! Refer to map for all locations.

View Nişantaşı in a larger map

To get to Nişantaşı from Taksim, walk to İnönü Caddesi and cross over to the side of the Atatürk Cultural Center. You will see a sign that says "Teşvikiye Dolmuş". These are the communal taxi cabs which go on a fixed route and charge a fixed price. Go all the way to the end of the route and then start walking around. The really posh part is called Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, and it will be down the street from where the dolmuş lets you off. To get to Nişantaşı from the conference center, take the metro to Osmanbey, walk down Rumeli Caddesi until you hit a big intersection called Vali Konağı. Take a turn to the right and Abdi İpekçi branches off left from Vali Konağı, about 50 meters down - first left, in fact.

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