Ortaköy is the first Bosphorus village as you go up the straits from the European side. The back streets are all about beer, fries, and other types of fast food (like Kumpir) and a market which sells cheap jewelry and things. But then there is a gorgeous seafront square where the name of the game is raki and tapas!

Kumpir, which is a very popular fast food in Turkey, is a huge roast potato which gets all kinds of things put into it and then mayo on top. Ortaköy is one of the places where you will find the most Kumpir vendors in one location. I have no idea which the best of them is, look for the one which has the longest queue in front of it, I would say. These things are hugely filling, extremely decadent and very cheap. Not sure how much exactly (it also depends upon your filling) since I haven't had one in quite some time, but my guess would be below 5 Euros for something that will keep you sated for 6 hours at least! ;-)

Ortaköy is very much everybody's weekend destination, so the food prices are very reasonable. If you choose to eat in one of the many cafes in the back street, the cost will be from 8 to 15 Euros (excluding the beer, which you have to calculate as an extra). Or you can get a Kumpir and a drink (the Kumpir vendor row is at furthermost northern corner of the Ortaköy pedestiran zone) and then go to the waterfront and have a picnic. 

The waterfront restaurants are more expensive. The nicest of them is Çınaraltı, which also has a fixed menu, for which the prices can be seen here: http://www.cinaralti.com/fix.htmStay away from Kitchenette altogether by the way, not only is it expensive but also the menu is an anomaly for this location. Not that the food is bad, quite the contrary - but why eat stuff which you can get anywhere in the world, while you are sitting by the Bosphorus, and then pay quite a bit of money on top?

On the seafront, as you walk towards the mosque, are also quite a few Turkish tea gardens, where you can literally sit for hours and spend only a few Euros on tea, which is served in the tulip glasses. And hookahs are available too, of course... ;-)

I am not going to put in a map for Ortaköy, since the area is quite small and also fairly self-evident once you get there. To see where Ortaköy is located look on the overview map found here >>>. Ortaköy is actually easy walking distance from Beşiktaş, however it is not exactly a pleasant walk since you will be walking between two high walls for the entire way and the thoroughfare is rather traffic polluted due to that. What you can do however is take a bus from Beşiktaş - the 42T goes there. Once the walls stop (literally), get off the bus. Simply walk towards the sea and there you are...

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