2 great köfte (meatball) places

Çiçek Köfte

I highly recommend this place! Çiçek Köfte is in Beşiktaş, at the corner where you turn off into the market area from Barbaros Boulevard. (See map here>>>). I eat here very often myself since it is on my direct route home. However, there are plenty of other places to eat around here as well and yet I always end up here. Reason being very good food: Meatballs - amazing ones - and they have lots of other nice stuff too, but the meatballs are the things to go for. And then also very nice staff, and great service!

Note: I took this photo in mid-afternoon and the place is almost deserted. Come evening it will be quite another story. So, yes you may have a hard time getting seated, and as far as I am aware they do not make reservations since it is really just an informal cafe. In which case, I would say ask the waiters if they will keep a table for you, take a stroll around Beşiktaş and come back in 20 minutes or so, since the place tends to have a fastish turn over rate...

As far as prices go a full meal with a non-alcoholic beverage will cost you from 12 to 20 Euros. The place also serves beer and wine and that will, of course add to the bill.

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Added should be that Çiçek Köfte has other cafes as well, and the google map above shows you their locations. One also on Istiklal Avenue, it seems. However, the one in Beşiktaş is still the going to be the one that I will personally recommend, especially for good friendly service.

Selim Usta Tarihi Sultanahmet Halk Köftecisi

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The map above shows you the locations of one of the greatest chains in Istanbul, which can be translated as the historic people's meatball eatery of Sultanahmet - no joke, this is what the place is called. But ouch - strictly not for vegetarians, I'm afraid... They make meatballs - pure and simple. And, as far as I am concerned, they are the best meatballs to be found in the whole city! Ask for virgin olive oil to go with your salad. And remember to eat irmik helvası for dessert.

A full meal will be around 10 to 15 Euros, and no alcohol at Selim Usta by the way.

Incidentally there are various chains which go under the name of sultanahmet köftecisi. The one you want to look out for is Selim Usta. The others are OK, but Selim Usta rulez!

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