where to get your ice cream on İstiklal

Not that there is a lack of ice cream parlors and vendors up at İstiklal, and not like as if you aren't perfectly capable of making up your own mind on the matter once you get up there. This is just to whet your appetite before you do so, I guess... ;-)


Mado makes a very special, gooey kind of ice cream which hails from Kahramanmaraş, an eastern Anatolian town, and as far as I know Maraş dondurması (Maraş ice cream) is something unique to Turkey. Mado which started out as a humble family business, is nowadays a mega ice cream empire busily exporting ice cream and setting up franchises throughout the world, especially tin Australia and Far East Asia (post here>>>), 250 of them at the last count.

There are quite a few legends attached to the aphrodisiac properties of Maraş ice cream, which is said to be made from the milk of free roaming goats, which feed upon wild orchids, which apparently have remarkable effects in this department. Personally, I have yet to see a person who ate a Mado ice cream and then jumped up, wildly propositioning folk around them. 250 franchises? Free roaming goats? Wild orchids? Come on!!! That said, the ice cream is pretty good... ;-)

There are many Mado franchises in İstanbul, and one of them is on İstiklal in Galatasaray. Besides a wide selection of ice creams, cups and ice cream cakes; Mado also has a full cafe menu, starting from good breakfast food, to soups, to sandwiches, to all kinds off salads, wraps, and a dessert menu both local and international.
186 İstiklal Cd, Hüseyinağa, İstanbul, Türkiye
Telefon: 0212 244 1781
See all Mado franchises in Istanbul on a google map here>>>.

Cremeria Milano

I can't claim to have sampled their ware, but one of my students whom I consulted upon the matter told me that their stuff was fabulous.

İstiklal Cad. No:164/A
Beyoğlu, İstanbul
+90 212 245 50 64

Charly Temmel

Again, same student, same verdict: Smashing! Charly Temmel is an Austrian chain which has become massively popular in the USA and they now seem to be making a conquest of Istanbul as well.

İstiklal Cd. 152. Beyoğlu – İstanbul
+90 212 2456662

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