When you take the red tram all the way to the other end of the line from Taksim this will set you off in front of Tünel, from where you can take a one stop ride on the metro which takes you down to the harbor at Karaköy, which is a small but nice area for food. And added to the food attractions, Karaköy is also one of the locations from where you can take the ferry across to Kadiköy on the Asian side. 

Fish taverns on the Karaköy waterfront. And no, this is not downtown Odessa! For some reason some of the taverns on the Karaköy waterfront have become a favorite meeting locale of the Russian community living in Istanbul, and of course visitors from Russia too. And as for food/drink prices look at this image here >>>, but to sum up - roughly 30 to 40 Euros.

Walking just a few steps across a small square from the waterfront will take you to a row of 4 cafes which I think make a "food" visit to Karaköy very worthwhile indeed:

Namlı who is one of Turkey's biggest cold cuts manufacturers has set up a big shop with a cafe where you can shop and also eat. Not only cold cuts but also all kinds of cheeses (which are all local) and a huge selection of salads and tapas as well.

Güllüoğlu is one of Istanbul's best baklava shops and although there are plenty of places which proclaim to be Güllüoğlu, the real thing is only to be found in Karaköy. Right next door, Çerkezköy is another very well known deli and cold cuts manufaturer and they too have set up a shop/cafe in Karaköy (check out an image of their salads here >>>) Eating at these cafes (none of which serve alcohol by the way) will cost from 8 to 15 Euros.

Walking down the street a block or so from the 4 cafes above you will come to Karaköy Lokantası, probably my fave restaurant in all of Istanbul. Despite the fancy decor this is actually just a straightforward tavern, where a rakı meal will cost between 30 and 50 Euros.

Liman Lokantası is an old and very well known tavern which is located in one of the harbor administration buildings, with an amazing view over the harbor and very good food. They have a fixed menu which is 100YTL (about 40 Euros), which covers unlimited tapas, unlimited local alcoholic drinks, a choice from 3 main courses and dessert - which I would say make this one of the best deals in town! Visit their website for reservations here >>>.

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